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Over the past two decades, business processes have evolved. Organizations have found that with the right software, they can significantly improve profitability and business operations. This especially applies to managing real estate facilities and expenses, where software can lead to increased saving.

To support growing technological and digital trends and address current challenges in real estate, SAP has created SAP Cloud for Real Estate, a strategic financial cloud application´s corporate real estate portfolio.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate enables real estate professionals to manage occupancy, utilization associated cost and impact employee productivity based on real-time information such as:

  • Understand actual office space utilization which drives portfolio decisions like assigning or rearranging space

  • Consolidate real estate information and connect facility performance management systems.

  • Perform advanced reporting and analytics in real time to efficiently manage overall portfolio.

  • Incorporate sensors into business processes or leverage innovative technologies like machine learning to accelerate processes and identify trends.

  • Ensure the space meets the needs of employees and measures occupant satisfaction.

tmdrive is currently managing the implementation project at the biggest real-estate company in Spain, as well as at the most relevant SOCIMIS.



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